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We are in a part of year when the holidays are long gone, and waiting for spring seems to be unbearable. There is little greenery, and cold days do not encourage spending too much time outdoors.

The hardest part for me it is the lack of color - especially the fresh green that signals the coming of spring. And especially this year... Fortunately there is plenty we can do indoors - the forcing of spring bulbs (which are available in many garden centers, and other shops as well) is so easy - just add water! And in no time they reward you with fresh leaves, colorful flowers, and heavenly scent.

In the country side there are already signs of spring I am told - such as the tiny daffodils that we found at our farmers market in our "quartier" - that can be foraged in the woods, and fields. In a city such as Lyon we need to resort to purchasing the flowers (and support our local businesses by doing that), and - forcing bulbs!

I always find it uplifting getting my hands a little dirty, touching soil, soft moss when I decorate the edges of my flower pots, and then waking up to smell the hyacinths...

Good for the soul! Happy gardening!

- Joanna


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