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Depending where you live in France, you either have bunches of fresh flowers, or - not... In Lyon, we had not seen cut flowers in weeks until a few days ago, when I stumbled upon a teeny tiny farmers market (there were only two vendors), and I found buckets of lilacs and peonies for sale!

I quickly bought two bouquets of these gorgeous pink peonies. I was so happy I almost floated back home! (keeping the safe distance from the others of course).

So many people stared at my pink fragrant flowers, and two of them asked where did I get them? So many of us are missing fresh flowers this season!

The peonies decorated our salon for a few days. Every time we passed by we inhaled the wonderful aroma. And one morning all we saw was a puddle of hot pink petals on the table...

So the status quo is that we don't see fresh flowers this spring... Who knows when will be the next time? In the year of firsts, these days we cannot go the farmers market and buy bunches of blooms. This used to be so natural, and something we took for granted.

So for the moment we are feasting our eyes on the flowers in art. These are not fragrant like the real deal, but at least they will not fade away.

These vintage paintings are in the shop, and available (please make sure to read our delivery policy in the times on COVID-19...). You can see our vintage art collection HERE.

We hope that all of you are safe and well and enjoying spring!

(by Joanna)


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