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By definition "collecting" is to bring together into one body or place, to gather an accumulation of (objects) especially as a hobby. (by Merriam-Webster).

"Collecting" is to be constantly (and obsessively) searching for seemingly unnecessary objects, which we desire and dream about, and search for at various vide greniers, les puces, old attics, basements, rummage sales, charity shops, and the internet (by My French Maison)

A collection of random, yet beautiful, if not very useful, spools of antique silk

I am writing this during the time when most of the world is in some form of confinement. When we have to stay in our own spaces to prevent the spread of the virus. While I'm not happy with the state of the world, I am happy that I have been collecting, sometimes accused of obsessive collecting, amassing? hoarding? so many pieces of china, linen, silverware, art work, that now bring joy to me, and help me stay chez moi...

In my life I claim that every lovely object I bring home has a purpose. Is it surely questionable how many plates one has use for in one's life... Is it really necessary to have stacks of antique linen? And how about bunches of silverware standing in multiple pots on the counter, while one can get by with just a fork and as spoon?

My husband accused me of hoarding, but how can I pass by a stack of gorgeous dishes that I am positive I cannot live without? How can I live without the pleasing view of linen kitchen towels among gleaming silver in the kitchen?

Antique linen torchons look best when stacked, don't they?

In my home every piece has a story. I can tell you exactly where I found each painting, conversations I had with the vendor of lovely linens I treasure, and I can still recall it was raining the morning I hauled a big ironstone pail home.

Not every object that finds a spot in out collections has to be useful, many times just looking at it gives us an esthetic pleasure, such as the box of these brightly colored green tins

Come to think of it everyone is a collector - even those who lead minimalistic lives collect something. Travel photographs, spices arranged in identical containers in neat rows, multiples of black shoes in neatly arranged closet... Some collections take more room than others, as many of us vintage hunters need to admit. But all of them have a power to make us feel more pleased with a day to day.

Books, plants, baskets... Transferware dishes, old silver, textiles...What are your favorite things to look for, what is your "secret" obsession for which you are willing to get up before dawn? Do share!

- by Joanna


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