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Silver napkin rings to us are like jewelry for the table. We love when the patterns are mixed, and they've been gathered overtime from various sources (preferably from French flea markets!). Quirky, fascinating, in seemingly endless pattern choices, each one tells a story.

We know they may be hopelessly out of fashion (but not in our book!). But linen napkins, better silverware, and napkin rings still elevate even the most mundane meal to a new level, there's no need to wait for a special occasion. Don't hamburger and fries taste so much better when served on vintage ironstone, with a linen napkin, and silverware?

We have been lucky recently in our flea market searches, and have collected quite a few great vintage silver plated napkin rings. In many styles, and shapes. All of them are now available in our online boutique - My French Maison. Romantically mismatched, in sets of four, can be a special, one of a kind gift, an addition to, or a start of a collection. We think they will dress up any table, from modern to traditional!

All our napkin rings are now listed and can be found in the the Cutlery and Silver section of our shop. You can access the shop either by going to the SHOP tab in this website, or visiting through Etsy directly at


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