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So many ideas, so little time! We all want to surround ourselves with beauty, and make our homes inviting and reflecting our personality and taste. And there are so many ideas out there nowadays...

But many years ago, before Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, the main source of decor inspiration were magazines and books on decorating. It was during the pre-internet times, when you couldn't source whatever your heart desires without moving from your couch... We were just north of New York City, and I lived for weekend garage and estate sales. I think my system is still programmed for an early wake up call on Saturday and Sunday mornings!

I was surrounding myself with stacks of decor magazines (most recently "Domino" was my favorite, and I can't believe it is not around anymore), and I was also collecting books on decorating. My favorite ones were by Mary Emmerling. Her "Quick Decorating" was on my night stand. Mary was my idol (she still is!). She won my heart by making decorating seem easy and effortless. She really did. She taught me how it can be easy breezy, and fun. But - just like with cooking - "quick decorating" is only quick when you have the right "ingredients" on hand. Hence my frequent visits at garage sales then, and flea markets now. I still look for, and collect objects that have the power to transform the space, and decorate it beautifully and fast. The objects that are both useful around the house, and beautiful.

So when I come back from the flea, I come back with these decor necessities. I always look for baskets to hold throws and blankets, handmade bowls for the colorful fruit on a kitchen table, vintage vases for fresh flowers, candle holders, beautiful linens, little "tabourets" to hold magazines and plants, mismatched silverware... Things with a soul. Things that are keepers, and will make the decorating quick and easy. Things that you can find in My French Maison online shop.

And the last time I also found this quirky wire basket. Made to hold drinking glasses, in my eyes was perfect to hold votives and flowers.

It makes decorating quick, and fun and easy. It's quirky, a little bit "shabby chic", and one of a kind. And it's perfect for My French Maison.

The wire caddie and the glass votives (which can double as drinking glasses) can now be found in our online boutique: wire glass holder (update: the wire caddy is sold), and the votives HERE.

We will try to share some ideas for Quick Decorating with you often. Do tell us, what is the magic that makes decorating your home quick and fun!


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