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Have you seen it too? August heat gave in quickly to September's cool mornings and early evenings. I have to admit that autumn is my favorite season, and I almost count the days to the end of August every year. Is it the child in me that always loved the get back to school moment on September 1st? The smell of new books, a row of newly sharpened pencils, a reunion with my school pals?

So - welcome to early fall! Summer is always so short, it slips away quickly, every day a brief blink of sunny brightness. This year it was a blur for us, not punctuated by trips anywhere - this summer was spent in Lyon. We felt suspended in an uncertain situation of Covid-19 threat, listening to the news each day. We do thank our lucky stars we could visit les puces regularly and continue with our business. And we live in such a beautiful spot too!

It's been a looong time since we were in school, now instead of rows of sharpened pencils we welcome stacks of cozy cashmere sweaters and comfy boots :) And for our home it's the blankets, long candle lit dinners, and many glasses of red wine.

From summer's laid back casual mood we welcome fall's richness, and opulence. We are ready for the days to get shorter, the rains to draw in, the crisp morning air. We want our home to become a warm space, where we can safely be.

We are wishing you a beautiful fall season! Do tell us what your fall rituals are, and how was your summer this year, by leaving a comment below.

- by Joanna


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