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For our Part 3 of Summer Staycation we invite you to a Lyon quartier south of Place Bellecour - Ainay. Whenever I get off the metro, and start down Rue August Comte, I feel like I just stepped into another world. Everything suddenly slows down just a bit, it is quieter... We walk down narrow cobblestoned streets, past small boutiques, art galleries, antique shops... It is a more residential district, with inner courtyards, small restaurants tucked away at corners, and narrow sidewalks.

Looking into a courtyard
Do look into courtyards and hallways when you get a chance, they tell stories...

Whenever we have visitors in Lyon, we always take them there, to wander around, sip a cup of coffee in a little bistro, and to visit Musée des Tissus et des Arts Décoratifs. It is a textile and decorative art museum housed in two beautiful hôtels particuliers. The collections are breathtaking, very well worth a visit, especially for those who dabble in vintage and antique home decor.

But most often I go to stroll around, and get inspired. Take a look around with me!

Place Ampere - a more commercial side of Ainay
My fascination with French doors will never go away...
Imposing façade of Église Saint-François-de-Sales
One of the beautiful boutique windows on rue August Comte
A charming color palette - neutral but never boring

But although it feels like we're far from the busy part of Lyon, we're actually not. Continue walking down and you find yourself by Gare Perrache, another big Lyon train station. And further down to the tip of the peninsula and you see an entirely different world - sleek and modern, with Musée des Confluences crowning it. But that's a story for a new chapter of our blog.

This is the last "staycation" part for this year - you can read Part One HERE, and Part Two HERE. Thank you for being a part of our virtual walks in Lyon!

-by Joanna


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