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It has been in the plans since we arrived in France - to find a place of our own. Then the pandemic came, and then we faced a changed real estate landscape that made finding our French maison complicated. But after a search that lasted almost a year, I am happy to tell you that we have bought "la plus jolie"country home ever! We will be leaving Lyon after five years of being in this big city. This fall will bring major changes to my family life.

What does it mean for the boutique? Other than a change of scenery, My French Maison shop will continue. Moving is never easy, so there may be a pause in operation, or a delay in shipping time. I will try to keep these to a minimum. And after a while I may even be able to have a small space to welcome you by appointment if your travels take you to Burgundy, which is where I will be.

Here is what will be happening - throughout the move my Etsy shop will remain open for you to browse and place orders, however there maybe some delays in shipping your orders. I will contact you right away if there is a need to extend delivery. If you don't want to encounter delays please place your orders before the end of October, before all my inventory is packed away. Before I pack, I would like to mention that if you'd like to purchase a few things at once, to be shipped together, we can negotiate :) drop me a note on Etsy with links to listings you love, and we can talk. I will have less to pack, , and you will enjoy some beautiful items to love, for less. All orders must be placed before the end of October!

Follow me on Instagram at @myfrenchmaison to be up to date on the schedule. And you can always contact me on Etsy if you have any questions or concerns. And wish me luck! My family and I are very excited about this change in our lives.

La vie est belle!

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