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This website, boutique, and blog are the result of long talks between friends, and the passion for beauty they’ve shared since the school years.  So now it’s a reality - and as we get inspired, we hope to pass this excitement for charm of the yesteryear, and inspire whoever stumbles upon this space.

This is the result of our exploration for beauty that is almost gone.  The poetry of objects that are disappearing, the histories that most likely will never be retold, the little mysteries we uncover when we visit flea markets around France, the world we created here - that links the past to the present, art to creation, the imaginary to reality, and the world that allows us to revive childhood memories.  

It's never too late for your dreams to come true. We hope you will be inspired by the universe of things that are almost gone, and will want to follow us on our adventures here.  More to come! A bientôt -


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