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Let's be frank - at this time of year a visit at the Flea Market is a real challenge. You may even want to call it an escapade. A very well planned escapade, with thick socks, thick soled boots, hats, gloves, scarves, and a shopping cart! It is cold and wet in the morning and everything is drowned in fog. Warm clothes must be worn to keep comfortable. In addition we have to leave very early when it is still dark. The cozy bed beckons, but one must keep an eye on (a potential) prize! This cold and damp November morning it was both of us - Joanna and me.

Something surprising and beautiful is on every corner!

As you can imagine finding the rare pieces that correspond to our tastes is never guaranteed and as we arrive at the flea, thinking that maybe this time we will return with nothing...

It is still semi dark when we arrive. But the vendors are already there, and so are the buyers. Many of them with flashlights! We think that although we have arrived early, maybe we are too late already? But as we start to turn into the alleyways we come across the first find: beautiful wine glasses with delicately engraved design. There are 12 and they will be for

me!!! (A challenge to transport on the train, but they did arrive safely in Strasbourg). Joanna's eyes widened as she opened the first book on the stack on the ground and discovered it was "The Count of Monte Christo" in six tomes, the edition of 1882, in French, her favorite book ever (and now an addition to her home library).

Spoils of one of our flea market escapades

After three hours we are half frozen but on this visit the luck really smiled at us. We come home with lots of things for our homes and for My French Maison. There are embroidered sheets with Art Deco motifs, a small pink vase in the shape of a magnolia flower, gilded dessert forks, Art Deco silver plated cake servers, and richly decorated tea spoons...

Warming up at a flea market "buvette"

No visit to "the flea" is the same. But each time it is an adventure! And it is so much better with a friend :)

by Dorota


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