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The pandemic put a cruel twist on all our lives, so crying over not being able to travel and staying put in Lyon for months would be a selfish act. So I am not going to do that. I am going to do a happy dance that I was fortunate to take a few days in the beautiful Villeneuve-lez-Avignon!

The cafes and restaurants in France can now have their outdoor spaces open - and the weather has just become balmy warm - perfect!

I have been a few times to Avignon, but this time I decided to stay and spend more time across the river Rhone, in Villeneuve-Lez-Avignon. I craved quiet, greenery, long walks in the narrow medieval streets... With Avignon nearby, it was easy to take a train from Lyon, which takes just about an hour and a half, and a bus from the station took me right to the tourist office in Villeneuve. From there, there were just a few steps to Le Cloitre du Couvent, a charming b&b where I booked a room for a couple nights.

Let me invite you to a virtual stroll around Villeneuve Les Avignon - there is beauty on every corner in this charming little town. Next time you are in France, and your path will take you to Provence and Avignon, consider taking a detour here...

The town dates back to the Middle Ages, and lies beneath the impressive, and imposing Fort St.-Andre. Another must see is the Chartreuse de Villeneuve convent, with its cloisters and an arts center.

But even if you don't want to do the touristy things, just wandering around this gem of a little town is a delight. Don't forget to stop and notice the little details, look into gates, wander into passages, and let yourself be lost.

Being charmed by all the beautiful details

Nothing is very far from a cafe or a restaurant here. I was lucky - the outdoor spaces are allowed to open again, so I was able to taste some delicious food, and refuel with cups of espresso.

The Chartreuse convent

If you are in Villeneuve on a Saturday, the morning flea market is something not to be missed (that is, if you're into this kind of thing, but you probably are, since you're reading this blog!). The flea market is at the foot of the Fort St-Andre, and I am told it is spectacular. One day....

Down the quiet street...

There is so much to see in such a small place - but no need to rush, it is OK to just wander around and be...

I hope you will take a look across the Rhone when you are in Avignon and discover this charming place! You know I am hooked - and it is likely I will be back.

- Joanna

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