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Be forewarned - this is likely a first installment of many blog posts devoted to the doors of France!

I know books have been written, and websites created, filled with beautiful images of French doors. I thought after many visits to France, and over a year of living here, the fascination will pass. But I still feel compelled to stop in the middle of the street and take a picture of a beautiful door...

Even if I walked on the same street for months, I always manage to see a new detail.

Here are a few beauties I fell in love with in my adopted city of Lyon. Enjoy!

- by Joanna

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Hi, Joanna ~

I love your online shop and this blog. Good stuff. I knew you lived in Seattle. Joe and I were in Lyon not long ago to go to a concert in Viennne. Lucky you. Gorgeous city. Regards, SUSAN Maltase

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