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Dogs at the French flea markets... Lying in the sun, strolling around, visiting, belonging to the vendors, or to the market itself. Big, small, puppies, and silver around the muzzle. They guard the shops, snuggle on the chairs, walk bravely along their masters in the early morning. Dogs are everywhere at French les puces!

They are guarding the property, even if you think their only obligation in the world is to bask in the warm sunshine and ignore the world.

It's a dog's life!

They could be posing on the vintage merchandise making you ask "how much is that doggie in the fauteuil?"

There is one big beautiful dog we see at the Lyon market nearly every time we visit. Last summer we saw it was not doing that great - it had a big wound, scabbed over its long nose. It looked tired and was mainly lounging in the sun rather than wondering around the stalls as it was its usual way.

But the wound was dressed, and there were stitches, so it seemed the dog was cared for. Still concerned we asked what happened to the beautiful creature? It turns out, the dog belongs to the market - it was hit by a car, and found by one of the vendors, who took it to the vet. All the vendors who have shops there helped with its care, and made sure it was doing well. So the creature recovered nicely, and again is guarding its market.

He knows us now, so when he sees us he immediately finds a stick to play! We have to be clever to throw it for him far, and quickly hide, otherwise we would spend the entire morning playing with him versus shopping!

And then there are the visiting dogs. All sizes and temperament, sometimes waiting patiently for their mistress to finish her coffee -

And sometimes being quite impatient - "what is the big deal about this place?" they seem to be asking.

The dogs, cats, and all creatures great and small - they all add the special flavor to the already special place - the marché aux puces.


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