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I cannot survive without art - I need objects that were created by a person, who was inspired by a place, or an idea, a feeling, around me. The objects with a soul. The objects that move me and make me think, and bring a smile to my face. One of a kind finds. To me a home without art is just a house.

A sublime vintage art display at @colorhavan at Les Puces du Canal

I love art, vintage and modern, I have too much of it (if there's such a thing), and there are not enough walls I can fill with it. Especially now, when I live in a rental (I avoid making more holes in our walls than necessary), I try coming up with many ways to see my treasures.

We use our radiators to display art - the alabaster doves and the charcoal portrait were found at a local flea market

If you're like me, and you love to be surrounded by your vintage art finds, read on:

1 - consider various ways of displaying art - it doesn't have to be on a wall! Art can be propped against walls or furniture, shown among collectibles, on bookshelves, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, entryway...

2 - it does not need to be framed; if you love it, you can buy it and take it to a frame shop (or buy a vintage frame for it); however you don't really need a frame. Sometimes an older painting looks fresher and more modern without it

3 - opposites attract - as well as various mediums, styles; photography next to oil painting, next to watercolor, there are no rules. Mix vintage art with modern, it will make for a great layered, eclectic look

4 - if you're new at it, remember that "Rome was not built in a day". Don't get discouraged, it's an adventure!

(by Joanna)

Would you like to share your ideas on how to decorate with art? Please comment - merci!

The Vintage Art section in our shop can be found by clicking HERE

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