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Is it smart to undertake an opening a new, albeit, online shop in the time of the pandemic? We won't know until we try it. For weeks we were getting ready, and then, boom, coronavirus times! Then we were waiting for the normal times to come back. But we think you will agree that the "old normal" is replaced by the "new normal". So we made the decision to go ahead and hit "publish" - Bienvenue!

Why now? Because we all need some cheering up. Because we love sharing our passion for all things French and vintage. Because like many of you we are looking to freshen up and energize the space we are in. Because we seek comfort and simple pleasures of home, especially now. Making the world beautiful around you is what we live for. Sharing this little venture with you all also gives us hope that things that we came to love in France, will gradually come back. That flea markets and vide greniers will re-open, and we will find new treasures to share with you. That we will be able to head over to farmers markets and come back home with baskets full of fresh goodness and bunches of flowers. And, finally, that one day we will be able to share the bises!

What will you find here? For the new shop we have been selecting objects that will add the French spirit to our homes. We focus on the items for the kitchen and table, for the home and garden, vintage, antique, and more recent. We want you to be inspired, energized, and let your imagination soar when you visit us here. A lot of what you will see in the new shop we have been accumulating over weeks prior to the lock-down. Some items are from our Etsy shop, because they are better suited to be here. For the moment we will be running both the Etsy and the new shop. The new shop gives us more freedom of what we can offer, how we can present it to you, and how we can direct the growth of My French Maison. We hope that you will like this new direction! Lastly - connecting with you brings us joy. We love getting your messages of encouragement, from all over the world. We love looking at your decorating projects, your blooming gardens, places where you draw your inspiration from. Take good care of yourself and your families, stay safe and well!

Joanna and Dorota​​​

And now, because we live in precarious times, and it is NOT business as usual, please read:


Please expect an extended shipping time and delivery - as you all know, we live in complicated times right now. First of all, we are in the midst of the global health crisis - no news here. Second of all - the logistics of shipping are difficult to say the least. In France we are still under mandatory confinement till May 11th.  The post office operates but with some limitations and with reduced hours. If you decide to place an order and wait of its delivery, Thank You! We will let you know when it is on its way to you, and will provide you with the tracking number.  You can contact us with any concerns and questions. Merci!


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